Saturday, February 17, 2018

More Weather

Its been snowing now since just before 7 am, sometimes quite hard, so far about 3 inches. After last years fire situation, will take all the moisture we can get.

Progress on socks for Andrea slower than I had hoped, arthritis in left hand ( use it for patterns ), slows me down. I try and so several rows every time I pick it up, next pattern will be #4. Have a pix but so far not working to add it. When I get it figured out will add it later.

Went to Tatla on Wednesday for KB and the good food box, all fresh produce even fruit this time, have especially enjoyed the oranges. Roma tomatoes, romaine, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, oranges, apples, bananas prolly more that is already been eaten. I am wondering why I waited so long to start getting it.

Just about burnt out on Olympics.

Monday, January 29, 2018

This and That

2 feet snow last weekend and now it's well above freezing and melting fast. Which means there will soon be ice everywhere. Every once in awhile a big chunk of snow and ice slides off the south facing roof, really loud. After today there is snow flurry chance every day this week.

Work goes slow on socks for Andrea, arthritis  in left hand keeps me from knitting for longer periods of time, I carry one color in each hand, when left tells me it's enuff quit and do something else for awhile. Like over due laundry.

Put a small pork rump roast in crock pot on low at 9:30, with any luck will be able to shred it for pulled pork sandwiches. Wish I has a cabbage to make coleslaw, but that ain't gonna happen.

Will skip BLOTUS speech tomorrow night, will instead watchAnimal Channel or HG network.

Monday, January 22, 2018

To much snow

Started snowing during the night Saturday and was still coming down heavy till 10 am Sunday, well over 18 inches , maybe even 20. Today 1:30ish Troy came with big John Deere tractor opened my driveway and then shoveled porch and steps, told him not to bother cleaning car off, figuring it will melt sooner or later.

Further up the valley they only got 8 inches or so and Tatla hardly anything.

I have a ham bone thawing and will make bean soup tomorrow, using cannelli beans. Will make enuff for several meals and lunches. Lots of celery, carrots and onions.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2017 Handspun

This is the most of what I spun in 2017, there is more but still on bobbins waiting to be plied. Have no idea what yarn is intended to be yet, just an ever increasing stash.
Ribbing on Andreas first sock finished and will start on patterns yet today, but first must get in touch with A to see if she wants fraternal or identical.

This is the last pair of Monstersocks for 2017, afterthought heel will be going where the lime green piece is. But will wait for a sunny day to put it together, much easy to see stitches to be picked up.
Out yesterday to Tatla for knitting bee and to pick up my first good food box, not sure now why I haven't got into this before. Loads of fresh produce including peppers, romaine, tomatoes, cucumber. carrots, onions, potatoes, bananas all I have been out of for the longest time. One of the ladies from the church has enuff orders that she can  buy at wholesale prices. Means I can put off again a trip to town (would like to wait for bare roads).

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Under the weather

Just before Christmas came down with a GI issue, not much eating, drank lots of ginger mint tea (not my favourite), I did cook the turkey breast on Christmas, had a few sandwiches then froze the carcass. Just as well I did. Some days would get up just before 7 and then would fall asleep in the recliner by 10 with several fleece blankets over me. And somewhere in that time frame ran into an arctic outflow stretch of weather, got down to -29.6° C, blankets now folded and put back away, and am staying out of the recliner until either a football games (or the world junior hockey games were on), they are now over (Canada won the gold metal). Things back to normal now or what I call normal. Even did a bit of 2018 spinning.

Got the yarn wound into cakes ready to knit from for Andrea's socks, have started on the ribbing using the Jay Pond blue as the main colour (lower left corner), A picked out the colours last time she was here. Am not yet sure if the order I will knit everything, keep them out where I can move the colours around.

Next pix is of my garbage picking up neighbor's grandchildren wearing some of the socks I knit for them.

Next issue I soon have to deal with is a trip to town, haven't been in since mid October so needless to say am out of much stuff. Especially would like to have a big salad. Produce does not keep for almost 3 months, all I have right now are a few carrots.

This is dedicated to the WnK old bag that was on my case about updating the blog.

Hoping to soon see the propane truck, after the long cold snap prolly getting quite low.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shifting Whispering Down

With an arctic outflow headed my way and window in bedroom still cracked open figured I'd better flip down comforter over. This is a pretty good one from LL Bean but over a bit of time the down shifts, when I wake up cold I know its time for a good shake and flip. Did so yesterday and with rice bag for my feet and comforter flipped was perfectly warm all night. And its looking like a white Christmas, been snowing since just after 9am and its still coming down at -8°C (18°F). With the arctic air on the way not to much chance it will melt.

Have a small turkey breast for Christmas supper, lots of leftovers then the best part turkey noodle soup. Have enuff carrots left to make a small carrot salad, a yam would be nice but not much chance of finding any out here.

 Finished the teal socks and another pair of shorties. Will yet today starting winding the yarn for Andrea's socks, 7 or 8 colours all needing to be wound into center pull balls.

One of my neighbors stops and picks up my trash to go to the dump, I've been trading a pair of socks every other trip (for her 2 grandchildren). last trip I gave her enuff for the rest of the winter and it turns out her husband was on his way down for a visit, so took socks along.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Snow comes and goes

Got a little bit over an inch of snow last night and now sun is shining and its in low 30's F snow is melting fast.  Usually means it slides off the car and melts on the porch, so far haven't had to clean car off yet this year (am sure that will change). Plan on going out for KB on Thursday and will have blood checked for INR (been almost a month).

Latest socks moving right along, first sock is finished with all ends worked in, second sock is still in the ribbing stage. The pix does not show true colors. Likely second sock will be fraternal, same colors but in different places. After this pair is finished will work on the pair for Andrea.


 Then down on road and likely over the holidays will give this bear pattern a shot. Have long wanted to try the bear and now that I've found the pattern looking forward to seeing if my knitting is up to it. Can't get pix to load. But it is the Arne & Carlos bear made with the Regia sock yarns. The new book from Arne & Carlos due out early in the new year, have already pre ordered it.

Baked another large butternut squash, had pieces for two meals then last night turned remaining into soup, just squash and chicken stock and about a 1/4 t ginger, so good and glad I have enuff left for tonight as well.

I think I even OD on football over the weekend, started with Thursday and 3 pro games, then college on Friday and Saturday, more pro on Sunday (by then was just watching select games), then last nights pro, changed at about half time to watch The National. 

And if I never heard the words 'Black Friday' again would suit me just fine, Cyber Monday a close second. Followed by the hokey Christmas movies, think I even saw 'Santa vs Godzilla'. Just crap thrown together to try and make a buck or two.

More Weather

Its been snowing now since just before 7 am, sometimes quite hard, so far about 3 inches. After last years fire situation, will take all the...